Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ah, Motherhood!

Oh, the joys of motherhood! This morning Caleb woke up at 5:50 calling out for his mommy. This is ten minutes before Zac's alarm is supposed to go off and more than an hour before Caleb typically wakes up. I go to him, tell him it's still night-night time, and sing him some songs. I crawl back into bed and fifteen minutes later he is at it again. This time, Zac goes to talk to him. Another ten minutes go by and we hear him again. This time, we let him get out of bed.
When Zac leaves the house, Ellie is just waking up, so now my two-fer job has begun. I feed Ellie and give Caleb a few slices of peaches in his high chair. Then, it's bath time for Caleb and a new diaper and clothes for Ellie. When Caleb gets out of the bathtub, he starts whining over something (I don't even remember what) and I threaten him that if he doesn't settle down I will put him back to bed. Not only does he not stop, it escalates into crying, so I put a diaper and a T-shirt on him and stick him in bed. He is sobbing.
I realize he is probably hungry since a few slices of peaches is not a breakfast, so as Caleb continues to cry in his crib, I put Ellie in her swing in the living room and start making oatmeal for Caleb. As I am working, it suddenly occurs to me that it is awfully quiet. When the oatmeal is almost ready, I head to Caleb's room. On the way, I notice that Ellie is fast asleep. In Caleb's room, I discover him sound asleep too!
Aw, the irony of how these darling little hoodlums can drag me out of bed so early in the morning, but neither of them make it to 8AM. I love, them, though, and I love being a mom.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Elizabeth Esther Enoch
born: May 10, 2010
weight: 7 lb 7 oz
length: 20 1/2 inches

We did it! Lizzy finally arrived a mere ten days after her due date and it was worth the wait! She is a delightful addition to our little family. She sleeps, eats, and poops like a pro and she even smiles in her sleep. Caleb wants to kiss her every chance he gets and we all are hoping that he doesn't crush her. I can't tell if Caleb hit a growth spurt while I was in the hospital or if having a little baby around has skewed my perception of his size. His head is enormous!

We all are doing very well. I realized that one of the benefits of being overdue is that everyone is thinking of you and praying for you. I saw those prayers being answered as God blessed me with a smooth delivery, a healthy happy baby. I was in labor for just 8 hours, I made it without an epidural, and I did not need any stitches. My recovery has been smooth and relatively swift. Many thanks to everyone who was praying for us!